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When it comes to IT support, you can always find people or companies that will help you but…
TechSmarter provides "excellent service.”

I have never had a problem that they didn’t address within 30 minutes or less, sometimes even after work hours. Thanks to TechSmarter, I can focus on what I do best.

Gary Rogers, AIF®, CEO/CFO Lighthouse Financial Group, http://www.lighthousedfw.com/

I first started working with Thomas Johnson and TechSmarter about 12 years ago; how quickly the time has passed and how technology has escalated.
We met at a mutual client and our journey has been one of adventure, learning, and mutual respect. Thomas and his team have allowed me, as a consultant, to be able to suggest and create solutions for my clients that I would not have been able to conceive or implement.
TechSmarter not only has hands-on technical support (if you can break it, they can figure a way to fix it) but the ability to look at an issue either remotely or on-site and give a variety of solutions and options.
I have total confidence in referring any of my clients into their careful and competent hands. They have in turn referred me to clients that have needed my particular type of expertise.
TechSmarter stays on the cutting edge of the fast-changing technical market and is quick to share their knowledge with their client base. Unlike most IT companies, TechSmarter spends time to teach and show clients what they are doing and why, not talk down to them, but educate them. Literally not "give them the fish, but teach them how to fish".
I learn something every day from this team. If you would like any more glowing reports of what they can do for you, give me a call.

Jeanette Johnson, CEO, Texan Data Mavens, http://www.txdatamavens.com

Not a Millennial? Not to worry. Their services will cater to any age group. 

Whether the problem is large or small, TechSmarter is indeed the ideal IT partner.
Team members quickly respond, making one wonder if they ever sleep!

Betty Lou Phillips, Interiors by BLP, http://www.bettylouphillips.com

Dallas LIFE has been working with ID Company for 10 years now.  Tom Johnson and his staff have been a true blessing to our organization.  Besides their superior customer service skills, they are very knowledgeable and have provided us with alternative ideas and equipment suggestions that have not only kept our network secure but saved us a significant amount of money.  The money saved has been instrumental in helping us minister to the less fortunate who come to us for help.  We are completely satisfied with ID Company and would highly recommend them to your organization.

John Koesema, Director of Operations, Dallas LIFE Foundation, http://dallaslife.org