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Virtualization & Cloud Computing

Virtualization makes your infrastructure simpler, more efficient and more reliable. TechSmarter has virtualized servers, storage and desktops for many customers who want to:

  • Eliminate hardware
  • Reduce data center space
  • Cut power bills
  • Create high availability uptime
  • Better manage their IT assets

Knowing that failure is highly preventable, we take special steps to ensure redundancy, backup systems, and fail-over migrations where appropriate. We can help you make these assessments, and then implement the most cost-effective way to ensure business continuity.

At TechSmarter, we create our infrastructures with the knowledge that failure is inevitable at some point in the future. Virtualization of servers can play a huge part in delivering high levels of reliability that today's businesses require, often at a reduced cost and with a more simple architecture than with traditional methods. A key benefit to consider is that virtualization enables you to design one reliable system and apply it to many situations, regardless of the applications involved.

Virtualization is not a solution for every problem, certainly. But in recent years, we have seen virtualization provide a variety of benefits to businesses including minimizing downtime, increasing efficiency and effectiveness, all while reducing costs.