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Technical Support

Improve efficiency, productivity, and reduce operating costs.

What is the backbone of excellent support services? We believe it’s access to a world-class support team, 24/7/365. That’s why our team comprises highly skilled, professional specialists and support engineers, equipped with the knowledge and resources they need to support you – whether you implement the most technical products, or simply require generic IT, technical or administrative support, tier 1, 2, and 3.


Some of the TECHNICAL SUPPORT areas we excel in are:

Tier I Technical Support

Tier I technical support is the initial support level handling basic customer issues. The first step is to gather information, evaluate the symptoms and determine a solution.

Tier II Technical Support

Tier II technical support agents are generally more knowledgeable and experienced on a specific product or service. These agents handle escalated calls from the Tier I agents. They review what attempts have already been completed to help find the correct solution.

Tier III Technical Support

Tier III technical support is generally the highest level of support before escalations moves to the hardware or software vendor. Tier III technical support agents are experts on the product/service and handle advanced issues.

Help Desk

Help desk support is offered 24/7 via a web interface that can be accessed here. or by emailing helpdesk@techsmarter.net. You can also call our 24 hour helpdesk toll free at 1-844-873-4326